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Daba Finance

Learn Section

About this project

In the realm of investment opportunities in Africa, Daba emerges as a pioneering force, offering a unified platform for individuals and businesses seeking to make informed and impactful investments. Within this innovative landscape, my role was centered on designing the Daba Learning Section, a pivotal component dedicated to empowering users with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate Africa's diverse investment landscape with confidence.

Timeline: 8 weeks
My role: UX/UI Designer
Tools: Figma, Canva,


Problem Space

The problem space for this project centers on addressing the financial illiteracy and lack of investment knowledge among low to middle-income Africans living in Africa, predominantly in the West African region. These individuals possess a strong desire to build wealth but face barriers like limited access to investment data, research, and advice. Without proper guidance, many feel unprepared to make informed investment decisions that match their goals.This lack of confidence in making informed investment decisions further compounds the challenge, highlighting the need for a tailored and accessible educational solution that empowers them to confidently embark on their investment journey and seize the opportunities in the African investment landscape.

How might we provide access to learning materials to low-middle class africans living in Africa, in order to empower them to make informed investment decisions, so that they can confidently embark on their investment journey?

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